Literature suggests that company strategies consist of several temporal horizons. In fact, they talk about short, medium and long term strategies which allow company resources and the actions of its employees to be appropriately planned according to objective aspects/needs/results.

For those like who deal with human resources, we can say that the short term strategy is the management of the current personnel, trying to ensure the wellbeing of our collaborators which thereby satisfy company aims. With reference to medium term strategies, we can refer to the training plan, the process required to adjust the qualifications of our personnel to company needs.

And the long term strategy? A shipping company, along with its global seafarer recruitment concerns, requires that staffing sources are found in order to balance its own growth. This problem can be found all over the shipping world, including in our company offices, where heated debates take place with usual examinations and analyses on recruiting methods for qualified crew. In our case, not only do we need to find crew, but we also need to consolidate the retention of the seafarers currently employed onboard our ships, as per our company policy which excludes “mercenary” or temporary recruitment strategies.

In light of the above, we are currently trying to create a long-term cadet training project consisting of alternating school and work periods, thanks to our close link in with FONDAZIONE CABOTO) di Gaeta (LT), This project will require a significant amount of resources and its goal is to create the officers of the future.

After the selection: school and work, an alternating period between class time and time aboard our ships for a total period of two years.
The goal: the chance to become an officer on board our fleet.


“ And the sea will grant each man new hopes, as sleep brings dreams.”


Cristoro Colombo