Finaval S.p.A. adopted the traditional system of administration and control, characterized by the presence of a Board of Directors - which is entirely devolved management of the company - and a Board of Auditors - which is responsible for supervising the observance of the law and the Articles of Association.

Board of Directors

- Dr. Giovanni Fagioli: President and CEO
- Dr. Giovanni Valenti: Councillor
- Dr. Giuseppe Santarcangelo: Councillor


The composition of the Board of Directors, which reflects the company's shareholding structure, ensures a high level of industry knowledge and strategic preparation, thanks to the experience claimed by each of its members within the global shipping, energy and commodity market.


- Dott. Fabio Senese: President
- Dr. Maria Altamura: Statutory Auditor
- Dott. Lorenzo Marchioni: Statutory Auditor

All the statutory auditors, professionals with proven experience in corporate, are Chartered Accountants and Auditors Legal Auditor.
(The auditing of Finaval is entrusted to the international auditing firm Deloitte & Touche)

Supervisory Board
- Dott. Gabriele Arveda: President
- Dott. Fabio Senese
- Capt Francesco Sabia

The Supervisory Board has the task of checking that the Company, through its core business, is not at risk of committing crimes, with a focus on criminal figures provided by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, the source of law mail the basis of the administrative liability of companies. The Supervisory Board also has the task of updating and modifying the procedures, models and mappings of risky assets in relation to legislative changes and the evolution of its operations


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