Shipping Companies are always pleased to tell their own history with references to remote dates and with romantic stories of pioneering times of navigation.

On the contrary, we tell about a story of recent times, we don’t forget that Finaval was estabilished on 1985. We’d like to talk about a virtual company, to which we are giving the name of New Finaval PLC, that is born on June 2004, date in which Mr. Giovanni Fagioli, devoid of any experience typical of the shipping world, decides to wager on a reality with serious financial difficulties.

The only one reference with the passed story of Finaval PLC was the thin thread represented by Mr. Gianfranco Fagioli, former representative of the old property, who instilled into the new owner the wish of believing in the recovery of Finaval PLC.

And in short times we write the story through the stages wich have connoted a successful project started on 2004 with a company restructuring which is in progress now on 2005 with the pursuit of following strategic targets :

- The entry into the sector of gas tankers
- The lay-up of chemical ships
- Consolidation and development on the oil sector.

Normally, the sites, as far as the story part is concerned, seem to be rather definite and solid, in our case we want to call this page “in progress” in the sense that the whole story is still to be written under the auspicies of this short period lived intensely.