Healthy Food is an initiative developed by Finaval with the aim to offer to the seafarers a Healthy Food in an Healthy Place. This can be ensured to purchase an high quality of food provisions. The project will see a Training Cook as on board coordinator of Ship’s Cook assisted by a culture of healthy eating.

The project is realized in three main activities:

1. Galley Management
Aim: To improve the quality and quantity of food provision on board
Scope: Basis recommended diets will be reviewed the food stock of the vessels
Responsibility: Cook – Catering supplier
Monitoring: Training Cook / Cook/ Master / Crew Manager

2. Food and Galley Hygiene Management
Aim: To improve food and the galley hygiene management
Scope: Through the right preservation of the food and high standard of hygiene in galley
Responsibility: Cook – Ch. Mate
Monitoring: Company Physician / Training Cook / Crew Manager/ HCCP System

3. Health of seafarers
Aim: To guarantee the seafarer health
Scope: Development of diets and
Responsibility: CIRM / UNICAM
Monitoring: Training Cook /Cook/ Crew Manager



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