Our human resource management system began in 2004 with a program called "Strategic Identity", and seeks, among its primary goals, to involve all onshore staff and the entire seafaring crew. This is not to be seen as two separate projects, but rather as a synergy at 360-degrees.

We would like to propose a management model that reaches the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction and offers an image of excellence towards those operating in the sector and their reference market by means of a renewed "social contract" with the whole staff.

This will also be shared with the shipowners who will entrust Finaval with the management of their ships.


  • The people, respect.
  • Continue to improve the quality of life on shore and on board the ships;
  • Extend Finaval’s strategic lines in the widest and clearest way, to all company levels; strategic lines are not to be intended as those related to activity, but rather those related to behaviour, common to all staff, which identify in a clear manner who and what is Finaval now and in the future;
  • Re-evaluate the work pertaining to company roles, both on board and on shore, in order to try and render operative relations more efficient and successful;
  • Continue the course of change which focuses on company processes, giving up old ways of doing things based on the division of departments;
  • Define an integrated and complete tool system to help us introduce a new work concept which is based on adopting a common behaviour and spirit, or rather “Flag Spirit”.
  • A crucial condition in the management system of our human resources is liberty of expression, which enables the creation of a permanent loop consisting of a listening phase, comprehension, action, evaluation, and information feedback.
  • Systematic dialogue and enrichment of information to create permanent grounds on which to share ideas, projects and goals.
  • It is only through "meetings between people and company" that a stronger sense of togetherness can be retrieved: this way, interests that have been set against each other can be overcome, transforming us in actors in the process of change and interlocutors of dialogue, exalting the positive aspects that we have in common to create a cohesive atmosphere which is necessary to help us see our company in the same way.
  • The creation of a human resource continuity by dedicating specific attention to training and to relations with school.
  • Make the qualities of the company stand out in its reference market sector by means of apposite intervention and different forms of communication.


A list of the programs which we are following and have followed to help us reach our goals are presented below. The same links are also found on the upper menu of this page.

  • Seminars
  • Training
  • Health onboard
  • Collaborations
  • Work opportunities

“ And the sea will grant each man new hopes, as sleep brings dreams.”


Cristoro Colombo