FINAVAL is committed to managing environmental matters as an integral part of its business.

In order to achieve the following environmental protection objectives, the company is committed to the correct management of environmental issues and shall:

  • Continuously act towards pollution prevention
  • Minimise the environmental impact caused by the direct and indirect involvement of activities. This shall include the use of advanced technologies and evaluation of recycling possibilities.
  • Preventive evaluation of the possible environmental impacts caused by new activities and services offered to the clients or received by the suppliers.
  • Comply with new national and international statutory environmental protection rules and regulations before they enter into force.

To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the Company has adopted a Management System in accordance with ISO 14001 standards which requires:

  • An updated Environmental Programme for the development, planning, and implementation of activities, which sees the involvement of the Management and shore and shipboard personnel.
  • To motivate all shore and shipboard personnel in following the environmental protection programme, by training them and making them responsible for their related duties.
  • To avoid or limit pollution in case of accident by means of special instructions and emergency plans (SOPEP, SMPEP, VRP and Crisis Management)
  • To maintain contact and co-operate with the competent Authorities for the implementation of new rules related to environmental protection.
  • An organisation that effectively implements environmental procedures.
  • To diffuse the environmental policy

CEO – Giovanni Fagioli


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