The Code of Ethics sets out the high principles and values ​​that FINAVAL intends to assert and pursue in all relationships in which you substantiate its existence and its activities.

To the Code of Ethics are an expression of the right principles to which the Company must constantly comply. Nevertheless, they express the ethics and values ​​of civilization and of the Company's affairs to which FINAVAL intends to inspire their conduct.
The principles and values ​​that inform the Code of Ethics and rules of conduct in which they translate are sought and respected at all times in the Company's life and in every context in which the enterprise may be called to work.

To this end, FINAVAL makes aware of the content and spirit of the Code of Ethics not only its directors and its employees but also its employees, its suppliers and its customers so that everyone, whether they make interpreters and popularizers.
The Code of Ethics is an essential component of the organization and management model act to prevent crimes provided for in Article 6 of the Decree of 8 June 2001. 231 concerning the administrative liability of legal entities, companies and associations.
The organ responsible for supervision of the Management for the crime prevention system - adopted by FINAVAL under the said Article 6 takes care to improve and innovate the contents of the Code due to the evolution of the regulatory complex and changes of ' scope and objectives of the Company's activity.
Violations of the Code of Ethics shall be prosecuted and punished in accordance with law, labor contracts and the disciplinary system adopted.


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