Recognising the fact that alcohol and drug misuse can make personnel unable to perform their duties and complete their tasks, FINAVAL has adopted a policy which foresees that the possession, use, and dealing drugs and alcoholic beverages by shipboard personnel is strictly prohibited.

A ship is a highly complex system that requires its personnel to always be ready and prepared for action. This policy is even more stringent for watch keeping personnel whose activities involve risk for the safety and health of all staff.

FINAVAL managed vessel shall be considered “Dry Ships”.

The following directives support the above-mentioned policy:

  • The policy shall in no way contradict any governmental laws. It is in compliance with the OCIMF "Guidelines for the control of
  • Drug and Alcohol on board ships" and with the US CFR.
  • The blood alcohol content limit that makes personnel “unable” to perform their duties is 0,4 parts in 1000 (0,4%0). Given that all seafarers must be ready to effectively perform their duties in case of emergency, their blood alcohol content shall always be within these limits.
  • No one is allowed to work under the effects of alcohol or drugs, even if consumed outside the working place;
  • Shipboard personnel are discouraged from drinking alcoholic beverages when going ashore as they have to resume their work when coming back on board
  • Non-compliance with these instructions can lead to disciplinary actions such as dismissal;
  • Critical duties related to vessel and personnel safety cannot be assigned to those ascertained to be drug or alcohol dependant; those persons shall be disembarked;
  • The Pilot, office personnel, guests, technicians and salesmen or visitors involved with shipboard operations must be informed about the restrictions established by FINAVAL concerning the use, possession, distribution and sale of drugs and alcohol. People not abiding by these rules shall be immediately disembarked and the Master may ban them from any future access to the ship,
    FINAVAL shall perform tests on seafarers during normal medical check-ups or unannounced visits at least once a year. Qualified personnel designated by the Company shall perform such tests.
  • The test outcomes shall be sent to the Company in a confidential manner, in order to take proper actions.
  • In addition, the ship’s staff must carry out drug & alcohol test immediately after any accident, incident or near miss (if required), to person (s) directly or indirectly involved, (as considered by the Master and/or the Chief engineer) and must record the results.
  • Ship’s staff shall test all crew (master included) monthly using the alcoholmeter.
  • This test shall be carried out confidentially, and the person who being tested has the faculty of choosing his witness. When the Master is tested, the Chief Engineer shall act as witness and vice versa.
  • The test outcomes shall not be disclosed or discussed with anybody on board.
  • Drugs (medicine) legitimately prescribed by the ship Master or by the company’s authorised Doctor are allowed to be carried/consumed on board. FINAVAL totally prohibits use, possession, distribution or sale of illicit/ un-prescribed drugs on board.
  • Adherence to this policy is considered as an employment term. The Company requires all seagoing staff to sing a Declaration of Acceptance of this Policy upon joining the vessel and prior to assume duty.

CEO – Giovanni Fagioli


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