FINAVAL recognises that safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, and avoidance of damage to the environment and property shall always be given the highest priority and shall never be compromised.Managers, Masters, and Officers shall recognise that the key to achieve a “Safety Culture” is:

  • Recognise that all “accidents” can be prevented and that they usually occur as a consequence of unsafe actions or because of failure to follow correct procedures.
  • Provide for safe practices in ship operation and a safe working environment
  • Assess all identified risks to the ships, personnel and the environment and establish appropriate safeguards
  • Continuously improve safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including preparing for emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection
  • Constantly think about safety
  • Always set targets for continuous improvement
  • Recognise that a proper approach to Safety is a cost saving, not a cost
  • Act and operate in total safety to reach goal of zero accidents and zero spills

To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the Company has adopted a Management System in compliance with the ISM Code and OHSAS 18001 which emphasizes its commitment to the following principles, in order of priority:

  • Prevent physical injuries and loss of lives.
  • Protect the environment from any kind of pollutant.
  • Operate vessels and cargo transportation (oil, chemical products) in a safe and efficient way.
  • Establish safeguards against all identified risks,
  • Ensure that safe operations of the vessels and protection of the environment are in compliance with the applicable National and
  • International rules and regulations.
  • Assign personnel in a way to ensure the use of qualified, certified, medically fitted and trained seafarers, able to communicate in common working language.
  • Constantly improve the technical and operational training of on board and shore personnel.
  • Maintain the highest maintenance standards on all managed vessels.
  • Always be ready, both ashore and on board, to deal with emergency situations.
  • Identify non-conformities and problems that can negatively affect the ship Management and establish corrective and/or preventive actions.

All Company employees, ashore and on board, are expected to actively comply with this policy and objectives.
However, it should be noted that with respect to ship operations, the Master on board of the vessel has the overriding authority to act or give the necessary orders to protect human life, the safety of the ship, and to protect the environment, whether these are in agreement, or not, with the procedures and instructions provided by the Company.
The Master is also responsible for immediately reporting any accident or non-conformity which may affect the personnel or the ship’s safety or which may cause environment pollution to the Company. Adequate personnel and means of communication are provided for this purpose.
The effective implementation of the Company's Policy is regularly reviewed in order to ensure that the objectives are achieved and that procedures and instructions are suitable and effective.

CEO- Giovanni Fagioli


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